• investment opportunity searches
  • legal status and investment suitability advice
  • architectural and urban planning
  • Housing Development Decision applications
  • application for utilities (water, gas, electricity, etc.)
  • ground-water testing
  • environmental impact assessment, application and reporting 
  • land surveying for design 
  • architectural and construction inventories
  • building expertise
  • energy performance certificates
  • cost estimates and variations 


  • architectural and construction design
  • urban design & planning
  • structural design
  • mechanical sanitary installations (water, sewage, ventilation, air conditioning, compressed air systems, technological installations) design
  • electric & power high current, low current, power supply with technology design
  • road and access design
  • interior design with furniture and fixed furniture design


Construction law requires the employment of an Investor Supervisory Inspector in the construction of large and complex facilities. Obligation to do so is enshrined in the decision on the building permit. In carrying out his / her duties, the inspector shall have the right to issue to the construction manager a statement confirmed by the entry in the construction log: concerning the removal of irregularities, the performance of tests or expertise, evidence of admission to the construction of materials and equipment and repair of defective works.

The Investor Supervision Inspector represents the Investor, controls the compliance of the works performed with the approved project, the law and the rules of technical knowledge. In addition, the team of inspectors controls the quality of the works and materials used, checks and receives covered work, participates in the testing and acceptance of technical equipment, installations and in the final or partial acceptance of the work. Inspectors confirm the actual state of progress of each work area and report defects and defects, control settlements for the stages of the works, complete the construction documentation required to carry out the collection by the appropriate service, and also obtain a Permit for Use

Employing an Investor Surveillance Investor enables an investor to save time and make sure that the investment has been carried out with due diligence with the right material and the smallest possible measure. We advise the investor on technical, organizational and administrative issues related to the investment process.


  • we acquire building conditions
  • we acquire location decisions for public purpose investments
  • we are developing projects of local spatial development plans together with the forecast of the   environmental impact of the plan's findings as well as analyzing the financial consequences of adopting the plan, on behalf of the Investor we participate in the procedures for the adoption of local plans
  • we do landscape - architectural studies and green inventories
  • we carry out studies examining the investment absorption of the plot against local law, available media and special conditions